Don't limit yourself because of asthma!

Breathcont provides context to your daily decisions. Can I keep a dog?


Pre-orders live for reacersh, telehealth and healtcare provider organizations

for more details and integrations options

NOT to be used for COVID-19 diagnosis

Comming soon to Apple store

You can get better now!

Monitor your condition by tracking your Peak Flow on our app even without our device!

Comming soon
  • Email notifications for parents about missed measurements or poor condition
  • Lung obstruction or restiction identification for Breathcount users

No more paper charts!

Exhale quickly into your device and the data is sent to your phone. Now it is available for you and your doctor at any time and on any device.
Check out our Android app.

Clear and simple

The app makes data simple to understand. It indicates your state in three terms good, poor or dangerous. It allows you to see the data in detail if you choose to.

Personal device

Device is quick and simple to use. Can work with any smart device. Its travel friendly. Just throw it in to your bag, purse, suitcase. Completely wireless. Bluetooth for communication iQ for charging.

Device to monitor and manage asthma

Breathcount measures your lung functionality and sends the data to your smarthpone. There it can be viewed, compared and sent to others.

Current state

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You can also check it out in exhibitions!

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